The Vital Knowledge of Life

In matters of relationships, personal motivation, marriage, children, honesty and others, a mountain of information is available. But which is the vital data? Scientology Life Improvement Courses are uniquely effective because they contain the truly important data on subjects of pressing concern in life.

Your happiness is probably your most valuable possession. Scientology Life Improvement Courses provide the tools to achieve the happiness you want.

They are based on L. Ron Hubbard’s fundamental discoveries of existence—breakthroughs that answer the most pressing questions in our lives.

There are twenty courses in all. Each addresses a specific part of life, and each contains the facts and tools to make that aspect of living the way it should be. Scientology Life Improvement Courses give you the skills to succeed in relationships, marriage, family and finance, the know-how to overcome ups and downs, to know who you can trust, to organize your life, to achieve your goals and much more.

With true knowledge and real tools, whatever is wrong in your life can be put right, and whatever is right in your life can get even better.

Hear What Others Are Saying

“This course was like the instruction manual on how to use a magic wand. It showed me how to do things that were amazing. I knew I could do these things I just didn’t know how, but now I do!” “I loved this course!!! I felt like it was a program written just for me. There are tools that I can put to use right away.”

Tools Based on Scientology Breakthroughs
About Life

Ethics and Survival

One day up, the next day down—gain stability!
If someone has been doing well and suddenly worsens, it happens for a specific reason. Here are the remarkable Scientology breakthroughs that resolve it for good. With this course, you can change...
Is there a proven route to success and happiness?
Living up to your own ideals is a sure road to success. But without the Scientology know-how to do it, success and happiness can be hard to attain. This course is your chance to make your dreams a factual reality.
Know the secrets of enduring friendships
With Scientology principles that give you the ingredients of sincere relationships, you can easily build and maintain them. The breakthroughs in human relations you will learn on...
Know who you can trust
Here are Scientology breakthroughs that show you the true elements of human behavior, so you can really know who to depend on. With the knowledge you learn on this course, you will eliminate the “chance” of personal relations...
Be certain of yourself
When someone loses self-confidence, there’s a specific reason. Reverse it and one’s self-confidence can be restored. Here are the Scientology principles that make it all possible. The knowledge...

Goals and Purposes

Get into action and accomplish more
You can really get going in life, and with these Scientology breakthroughs, drive forward and reach your aims. When you know what stops someone from getting going, you can increase your motivation and achieve...
Know the exact steps to a better life
Here are the remarkable Scientology breakthroughs millions have used to accurately handle situations and truly thrive in life. When you know and apply the data in this course, you can straighten out any bad...
The power of organizing is yours
With the Scientology breakthroughs of organizing, you can achieve your objectives with speed and ease. When you know and use the natural laws on this course, you can organize any activity to eliminate...
Get more done in less time
Know the Scientology tools to get things done with less strain, less stress and in less time, so you can accomplish what you want in life. The Effective Time Management Course shows you how to get more done...
Make your dreams come true
When you know the Scientology principles for setting and attaining goals, you can make even your wildest dreams come true. With the tools you will learn on this course, you can formulate, plan out and...
Master the skills of leadership
Here are the Scientology breakthroughs that show you what really makes a leader, so you can successfully lead others with confidence. Armed with this knowledge, you can generate respect and cooperation...

Survival and Prosperity

From stress to success
With Scientology breakthroughs that provide the natural formulas to handle a financial crisis, you can stop worrying over “finance.” When you know and understand the principles in this course, you can control your...
Unlock the door to success
The Scientology breakthroughs that show you how solvency is accomplished, so you can easily achieve security. The fundamental truths contained in this course, when applied, can result in continued prosperity...
Achieve abundance in all things
Understanding and using these basic Scientology principles, you can achieve abundance. When you understand the fundamentals and use the tools you learn on this course, you can gain full control over your future.


Begin a life of joy together
With Scientology breakthroughs that show you exactly what makes a successful marriage, yours can live on and on. When you use the knowledge and tools you learn on this course, you can chart a safe...
Keep the happiness alive
With Scientology principles that show exactly what holds a marriage together, yours can bring endless happiness and joy. When you use the knowledge you learn on this course, you will create a relationship that you...
Get back the happiness you once shared
Scientology principles that show exactly what holds a union together, so you can reconstruct a truly happy relationship. The basic truths in this course govern all relationships, and comprise a truly workable technology...


Give your baby the best in life
With Dianetics and Scientology breakthroughs that show you what affects a baby’s future, you can start your child off on the right foot. On this course, both mother and father gain knowledge and tools that...
Build your child’s tomorrow
Here are Scientology principles with which you can help your child build a stable, productive life. When you use them, you can assist your child to become a self-determined, happy and contributing family...
Create harmony with tweens & teens
The transition from childhood to adulthood can be a rocky task for parents, but here are Scientology principles that show you how. By knowing and using the tools in this course, you can help your tweens & teens...


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