During his research, L. Ron Hubbard made many advances in how best to educate people and these are applied in training services ministered by the Church. He isolated the fundamentals of learning and codified these into a technology of study. Study Technology is a separate field in itself, with application to any subject of learning. It is used in all Scientology training but is equally useful in the study of any subject.

Among elements unique to Scientology course rooms is the Course Supervisor, an expert in the technology of study, adept at locating and handling any barriers or obstacles to understanding which one might encounter.

The Supervisor does not lecture, nor in any way add his own rendition of the subject. This point is important because the results obtained in Scientology come only from closely following the technology exactly as written by Mr. Hubbard. The subject has already been researched, tested and well-proven as workable in application. Verbal renditions passed on from teacher to student would inevitably contain alterations from the original, however unintentional, until Scientology’s efficacy would be lost. This is why considerable attention is paid to ensuring that a student receives only the pure rendition as written or spoken by L. Ron Hubbard himself.

Instead, the Supervisor helps the individual to grasp the materials, always stressing understanding and application. This method of education has been found to enable individuals to understand more and be far better able to use what they have learned than traditional methods of instruction.